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Root & Nourish - An Herbal Cookbook for Women's Wellness

Root & Nourish – An Herbal Cookbook for Women’s Wellness | 119.28 MB
Polish | 312 pages

Title: Root & Nourish
Author: Abbey Rodriguez;Jennifer Kurdyla;, Jennifer Kurdyla
Year: 2006

A rootkit is a set of programs and codes that allows a hacker to gain undetectable access to a computer and thus use someone else’s operating system. You can build such a tool by knowing the vulnerabilities in the operating system kernel and having the appropriate skills. But you can also protect yourself from its effects, which is much more important for a person responsible for computer security.

Thanks to the book “Rootkits. Sabotaging the Windows Kernel” you will get to know your opponent and learn to fight him by creating your own arsenal. Greg Hoglund and James Butler outline the ways hackers use to break into and use computers without their owners knowing. The book describes the details of sabotaging the kernel of Windows XP and Windows 2000, and concepts that can be applied to virtually any operating system – from Windows Server 2003, to Linux, and other Unix-like systems. By reading this book, you will learn techniques for programming rootkits and creating defense systems.

The principle of operation of rootkits
Ways of entering code into the kernel
Rootkit creation
Manipulating kernel objects
Gain direct access to hardware drivers
Use of network connections in rootkits
Detecting rootkits in the system


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